You can now relocate your compressed air system outdoors without the worry of freezing or overheating. The self-contained AirCell maintains a constant internal temperature allowing you to reclaim the warm discharge air in the winter while ensuring your compressor(s) remain clean and operate at peak efficiency. The AirCell is spray-foam insulated and requires no special installation or electrical supply. AirCells virtually eliminate plant air compressor noise.

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New Compressors

Comtract Air Compressors Inc. offers a complete range of world class compressed air equipment for every application and industry. Standard pressure, high pressure, lubricated, oilless, oil free, portable, gas, and diesel powered; Comtract carries all types and sizes of air compressors and can provide the proper compressor to meet your requirements.

The brands we carry include:

  • Champion

  • Techquip

  • Sullivan Palatek

  • Ingersoll Rand

  • And more…

Pre Owned Compressors

Often, used previously owned equipment can provide an economical alternative to the purchase of new equipment. Our pre-owned compressors and related equipment is available fully rebuilt, fully serviced, or “as is” if preferred. Rebuilt equipment purchased from Comtract comes with full warranty coverage. Pre-owned units are available in all size ranges.

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Dry compressed air is paramount to ensure the maximum efficiency and life expectancy of downstream plant equipment. Moist compressed air can damage air lines, filtration equipment, plant machinery, and production quality. Comtract Air Compressors Inc. provides all types of compressed air dryers to remove moisture and harmful contaminates, to dew points as low as -100° F.
The brands we carry for new air dryers include:

  • Altec Air
  • Xebec
  • Hankison

Filtration and Other Downstream Equipment

Equipment required in any manufacturing process can be extremely sensitive to the quality of compressed air present in the air stream. All types of filters, drains, and specialized equipment is available to ensure your compressed air system provides an air quality condusive to your plant requirements. Click here for more about filtration and here for more about oil/water separators.

The brands we carry for filtration and down stream equipment includes:

  • Asco Numatics
  • Parker Hannifin
  • TopRing
  • Hankison
  • Jorc


Competetively priced OEM, aftermarket, and used materials are available from Comtract for all makes and models. Our expert staff will provide all the necessary information to ensure that you receive exactly the material most suited for your application.

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