Line Filters

Air leaving any air compressor is saturated with vapor (water and possibly oil) and is also contaminated with particles of dirt from the atmosphere and or oil from the compressor itself.  If unfiltered, these contaminants may have a negative impact on your application.   Our line filters can remove such contaminants and in conjunction with an air dryer – ensure your application is fed with clean and dry air.

Our filtration packages can meet any quality of air required from ISO 8573.1 level 1 all the way to level 5.  From simple applications to food processing, pharmaceutical, and medical our filtration packages can help you achieve whatever grade of air you need.  We distribute line filters from Altec Air, Asco Numatics, TopRing, Hankison, and more!

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Aftermarket Line Filter Elements

Advancements in filter element technology have provided a higher quality standard in aftermarket filter elements. Many aftermarket elements are equivalent to, or exceed OEM specifications, often at a fraction of the cost.

We carry both OEM and aftermarket filter elements for most makes and efficiencies.

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