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We are a proud distributor of US manufactured air dryers from Altec Air. We carry a wide range of compressed air dryers in stock. Altec Air is a one stop resource for all compressed air drying requirements. Feel free to check out Altec today at:

Standard Temperature Refrigeration Dryers

Dry compressed air is not a luxury, rather it is a necessity. Removing moisture from your compressed air system enables pneumatic controls to work properly, keep air lines clean and rust free, prevent corrosion, and contamination of internal parts that can result in malfunctions and downtime. Refrigerated air dryers are the most common way to lower the dew point to prevent moisture in the air lines with a dew point of 35 degree F. We carry a wide range of stock and offer the full range of units, including energy saving units best suited to fit your application

High Temperature Refrigeration Dryers

High temperature refrigerated air dryers provide the same dew point as standard dryers, yet allow inlet temperatures up to 180° F. This feature eliminates the need for a pre-cooler, normally required to be used in conjunction with your reciprocating air compressor. This type of dryer is a requirement where inlet temperatures exceed 100° F.

Determining the optimal dryer for your application can be tough. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you in determining the most suitable dryer to meet the demands of your application!

Desiccant Dryers

Desiccant dryers are typically used in applications where a lower dew point than a refrigerated air dryer is required. Applications that more frequently require desiccant dryers include: outdoor air line applications, food processing applications, medical applications, dental applications, and other applications where below freezing dew points are required.

Dew points as low as – 100 degree F can be achieved using a desiccant air dryer.

As proud distributors of US built Altec Air dryers, we are proud to offer the full range of desiccant dryers for any application – no operation is too small or too large!

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