Learn More Compressed Air For Industry Comtract Air Compressors has been serving the Toronto and Southern Ontario industrial sector since 1986.

Our Services

Whether you’re moving, planning expansion, or have purchased new equipment, Comtract Air Compressors is equipped to offer full electrical, ventilation, and plumbing installations of both new and used equipment. In addition, we also offer preventative maintenance, air audits and emergency services.

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Our Products

Comtract Air Compressors offers a complete range of world class compressed air equipment for every application and industry.  We are proud to partner with many of the industry leaders to provide you a great solution for any of your compressed air needs.  We carry a full range of new and pre-owned equipment designed to fit your unique requirements.

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Our Parts

Competitively priced OEM, aftermarket, and pre-owned materials are available from Comtract for all makes and models. Many compressor parts are non-wearing items where in some cases a pre-owned replacement can be an economical alternative to sourcing and purchasing a new part.

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24 Hour Emergency Service

Even the best equipment can fail, usually at the worst time possible. We know that the labor cost and missed opportunities caused by a breakdown can be extraordinary; that is why our service technicians are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Emergency service repairs can be done on-site or in our facility if necessary. Comtract will provide an immediate solution to get you up and running and develop a service agreement to prevent future breakdowns.

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About Comtract Air Compressors

Comtract Air Compressors has been serving the Toronto and Southern Ontario industrial sector since 1986. Our services include sales of new and pre-owned rotary screw, rotary vane, reciprocating, oil flooded and oil free air compressors. We also house a large inventory or dryers, filters, receiver tanks and other accessories.

We offer 24 hour service and have a full range of rental compressors available!

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Air Compressor & Dryer Rentals

Comtract provides rental air compressors, air dryers, and complete compressor rooms including: Electric rentals up to 200 HP, Portable diesel rentals up to 750 CFM, refrigerated & desiccant air dryers in all ranges, complete systems for temporary use with long and short term rates available.

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Service Inquiry

Please fill out this form in order to inquire regarding: service, rentals,
installations, air audits, parts, or equipment sales. Alternatively, feel free to reach us at any time at 905.897.1346.