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Helpful Tips

Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Only operate air compressors when and as required
  • Reduce consumption where possible
  • Always run lag unit in auto or ON LINE/OFF LINE position if possible
  • Maintain line filters and separators to avoid pressure drop
  • Do not operate at higher pressures then required

Get Dry Air

  • Add a dryer to your compressed air system
  • Clean the dryer condensor
  • Ensure fans are spinning
  • Check desiccant
  • Ensure auto drains function correctly
  • Drain receiver tank regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce my electrical costs and increase my compressor system efficiency?

All air compressors are most efficient when operating on full load. The efficiency of the unit decreases as the load is reduced. Typically, the greatest inefficiency occurs with one, or multiple units operating in tandem, and in "modulating" mode.

Comtract can reduce your electrical, maintenance and operating costs by ensuring that your compressed air system is functioning at maximum efficiency.

Why do I have oil in my air lines?

Air compressors pass oil for a number of reasons; however, the oil should not be noticeable unless the subject unit has problems, usually associated with maintenance issues.

Oil carryover also causes additional water carryover, resulting in a milky substance of water and emulsified oil. Damage to line filter elements and downstream equipment is the unfortunate result. Prevention is key, and Comtract Air Compressors Inc., can provide the correct procedures for testing and eliminating this problem.

Why is my compressor running hot or shutting off?

A rotary compressor, which is running at 200°F or higher, will reduces oil life by half. Rotary compressors should operate, ideally, at 180°F to maximize oil life and prevent condensate build-up in the separator element.

Comtract will provide the answers to overheating issues, which will increase the life of your air compressor, and decrease your maintenance and breakdown costs.

Why do I not have enough volume?

Low volume from your air compressor (cfm) is generally not caused by the size (horsepower) of the unit, especially when new equipment has not been added. Air leaks, control problems and maintenance issues are sometimes the culprit; yet adding a larger compressor is the usual response.

Comtract can advise you on:

  • Testing and maximizing the volume (output) of your system
  • Checking for blockage and control problems
  • Analyzing and reducing air leakage

Click here for more details on our comprehensive air audit analysis.

Why do I not have enough pressure?

Many people confuse volume and pressure. A unit operating at 120 PSI actually delivers less volume of compressed air than a unit set at 100 PSI. Low plant pressure can be caused by blockages, air leaks, and incorrect setup or simply over demand.

With extensive expertise in compressed air systems and controls, Comtract can offer assistance in improving the efficiency of your compressed air equipment and resolve any and all of your compressed air deficiencies.

Click here for more details on our comprehensive air audit analysis.

Quick Facts

AirCell tandem units can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. To find out more about our Tandem units click here.

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