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Preventative Maintenance:

Inadequate maintenance can lead to air loss, increased electricity bills, and worst of all breakdowns. With a preventative maintenance program from Comtract Air Compressors you can significantly increase the life expectancy and efficiency of your compressed air equipment and ensure that it is running at its full potential. Click here to find out more.

Air Audits:

We have found that costs associated with running your compressor can often be easily reduced by evaluating key areas where waste most commonly occurs. Our air audits target these areas and provide an in-depth analysis of achievable maximum savings. Call Comtract today for an inspection and assessment of your exisiting compressed air system. It's Free! More...

Emergency Service:

Even the best equipment can fail, usually at the worst time possible. We know that the labour costs and missed opportunities caused by a breadown can be extraordinary; that is why our service technicians are available 24 horus a day and 365 days a year. More...


Whether you're moving, planning expansion, or have purchased new equipment, Comtract Air Compressors is equipped to offer full electrical, ventilation, and plumbing installations of both new and used equipment. We do it all, from a single drop to full turn-key installations. More...

Quick Facts

AirCell tandem units can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. To find out more about our Tandem units click here.

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