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Used Reciprocating Compressors

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Pressure and Splash Lubricated Champion

Champion CompressorOil Flooded, Oil Free and Oil Less - “R” & “PL” Series

Champion’s “R” Series and “PL” Series Reciprocating Compressors operate efficiently and reliably under the most adverse conditions. The Champion oil flooded compressor is available in a splash lubricated configuration, or in a pressure lubricated configuration to allow low load starting and high pressure operation. (up top 250 psi)

Specifications and Features
* ¾ - 25 hp
* 1.7 – 102 acfm
* Up to 250 psig
* Single & 2 Stage
* Low Noise Levels
* Duplex packages available

Splash Lubricated Techquip

Techquip Air Compressor

Techquip’s “Tech” Series Reciprocating Compressors are designed for rugged industrial and automotive applications. Low operating speeds reduce wear and extend the life of all components while a large industrial filter reduces sound levels and ofers longer maintenance intervals.

Specifications and Features
* 3 - 15 hp
* 12 – 50 cfm
* Up to 175 psig
* Single and 2 Stage
* Low Noise Levels

Oil Free and Oil Less

MTO Series Compressor

Champion’s MTO II is changing the way the world uses oil-free compressed air. By developing a compressor that can run 24 hours a day, Champion has eliminated the need for oversizing and back-up units that add unnecessary expense. The craftsmanship of the MTO II is nothing short of the best in the industry. This compressor is ideal for continuous or intermittent operation.
Specifications and Features
* ¾ - 5 hp
* 1.7 – 34.8 acfm
* Up to 100 psig
* Single Stage
* Low Noise Levels
* Duplex, Triplex and Quad packages available
* Meets NFPA99 requirements

V & W Series
V&W Series Compressor

The unique design of the V & W Series assures the long life and productivity. Our continuing program of product research and development assures that each Champion compressor includes the latest advancements in oil-less compressor technology. Internal moving parts in the V & W Oil-Less design are protected from wear without conventional lubrication. Crankshaft and rod bearings are lubricated by exclusive sealed, solid synthetic lubricants. Pistons move on alloyed heat-resistant filled Teflon guide and compression rings. The result is low maintenance, high durability and pure, oil-less air!
Specifications and Features
* 5 – 15 hp
* 15.8 – 138 acfm
* Up to 175 psig
* Single & Two Stage , Air or Water Cooled
* Duplex, Triplex and Quad packages available
* Tank or Base Mounted, Belt Driven
* 100% Duty Cycle, Low Noise Levels
* Meet NFPA 99 Standard requirements

Gas Powered

Gas Powered Piston Compressor

Comtract offers a range of both single stange and two stage gas powered air compressors for portable and truck mount applications. Gas powered portable compressors operate under conditions far more demanding than conventional electric driven machines. Our portable gas compressors have all the features required for heavy duty operation.

* Up to 20.3 cfm
* Up to 250 psig
* Single & Two Stage , Air Cooled
* Duplex, Triplex and Quad packages available
* Tank or Base Mounted, Belt Driven
* 100% Duty Cycle, Low Noise Levels

Working principles of a Reciprocating compressor

The piston compressor is one of the earliest compressor designs, but it remains the most versatile and is still a very efficient compressor. The piston compressor moves a piston forward in a cylinder via a connecting rod and crankshaft. If only one side of the piston is used for compression, it is described as single acting. If both sides of the piston, top and underside are employed, it is double acting.

The versatility of the piston compressors knows virtually no limits. It compresses both air and gasses with very little alterations. The piston compressor is the only design capable of compressing air and gas to high pressures, such as breathing air applications.

The configuration of a piston compressor can be a single cylinder for low pressure/low volume to a multi-stage configuration cable of compressing to very high pressure. In these compressors, air is compressed in stages, increasing the pressure before entering into the next stage to compress the air into even higher pressure.

Compression capabilities:

Piston range operates between 0.75 kW to 420 kW (1hp to 563hp) producing working pressure at 1.5 bar to 414 bar (21 to 6004psi).

Quick Facts

To ensure completly dry air, fit your piston compressor with a full set of filters and high temperature dryer!

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