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Oil/Water Separators

Oil/Water Separator

All of us are responsible for the quality of the environment. It has been estimated that 25 million gallons of condensate and 21,000 gallons of oil are discharged from compressor systems in North America each day.

Up until now, the solution has been to let the oil and water mixture go down the drain risking heavy fines or pay a specialist firm to haul it away at great expense.

The CONSEPĀ® is an oil-water separation system for dispersed condensates, proven for many years. Since it fulfils the applicable regulations, safe processing is guaranteed and discharge of the processed water into the sewage system is possible without any problems.

Condensate Bucket Manifolds

Easily manage your condensate lines

Tired of witnessing oil laden condensate discharge on your compressor room floor?

Now you can safely contain condensate discharge in to a standard sized pail using Comtract's new Condensate Bucket Manifold.

  • Keeps compressor room clean and safe
  • Collects condensate lines to one common location
  • Self ventilating
  • Overflow indicator
  • Eliminates condensate splash
  • Simple installation

Order your condensate bucket manifold today!


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