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CompAir Line Filters

CompAir Line Filters

Air leaving any conventional air compressor is saturated with water vapor and small quantities of oil and atmospheric dirt particles. If allowed to remain in the system, this corrosive mixture has a detrimental effect on pneumatic equipment. CompAir filters remove the oil and dirt from compressed air, extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs and improving effeciency and reliability.

Capacities range from 19 cfm to greater than 16,000 cfm and efficiencies to 0.01 microns and maximum remaining oil content of < 0.003 ppm. at 70° F (excluding methane).

Aftermarket Line Filter Elements

Advancements in filter element technology have provided a higher quality standard in aftermarket filter elements. Many aftermarket elements are equivalent to, or exceed OEM specifications, often at a fraction of the cost.

We carry both OEM and aftermarket filter elements for most makes and efficiencies.

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