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You can now locate or relocate your compressed air system outdoors without the worry of freezing or overheating. The self contained AirCell maintains a constant internal temperature allowing you to reclaim the warm discharge air in the winter while ensuring your compressor(s) remain clean and operate at peak effciency. The AirCell is spray-foam insulated and requires no special installation or electrical supply. AirCells are designed for portability, easily disconnected and transported, thus eliminating costly installations or re-installations. AirCells virtually eliminate plant air compressor noise.

Comtract Air Compressors Inc. can send you a brochure, or if you prefer, contact us to schedule an opportunity to visit an operating unit on-site.

AirCell Modular Outdoor Compressor Rooms

AirCell Modular

The AirCell Modular, exterior compressor rooms, offer the ultimate in efficiency, convenience, and versatility for your plant compressed air supply.

Each AirCell Modular provides clean dry compressed air, while maximizing all available cost savings through energy efficiency.

Moving? No problem. Simply disconnect your AirCell Modular and it’s ready to follow you to your new location, eliminating the need for a costly compressor room installation.

Indoors or outdoors, the AirCell Modular is ready for work!

AirCell Tandem

AirCell Tandem

The Tandem, supplied as an AirCell package or installed into your facility, maintains maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Ideal for fluctuating air demands, Tandem units range from 25 to 150 horsepower, and are supplied with a sequential “fail-safe” controller to ensure that clean dry compressed air is delivered as reliably and efficiently as possible.

Tandem units eliminate the need of a “full-size” back-up unit and maintenance is simple and inexpensive; typically a fraction of the cost associated with a single rotary system. Tandem systems are ideal for plants with less than ideal atmospheric conditions.

Install your AirCell Tandem compressor system in our customized AirCell compressor containers to maximize efficiency and life expectency.

AirCell AeroKool Dryers

AeroKool Dryer
Now you can get dry air from your portable!

To get the very most out of your diesel powered portable install a tongue mountable AeroKool dryer. These units combine an air cooled after cooler with a desiccant dryer to reduce your compressed air to a dew point of -40°.

Quick Facts

AirCell tandem units can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%.

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