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In today's rapidly changing business environment, Comtract Air Compressors Inc. strives to improve compressed air technologies through innovative ideas. With this as a continuing goal, Comtract has launched many new and unique innovative products over the years, the most recent of which can be found below.


AirCell ModularYou can now locate or relocate your compressed air system outdoors without the worry of freezing or overheating. The self contained AirCell maintains a constant internal temperature allowing you to reclaim the warm discharge air in the winter while ensuring your compressor(s) remain clean and operate at peak effciency.

The AirCell is spray-foam insulated and requires no special installation or electrical supply. AirCells are designed for portability, easily disconnected and transported, thus eliminating costly installations or re-installations.

AirCells virtually eliminate plant air compressor noise.

Comtract Air Compressors Inc. can send you a brochure, or if you prefer, contact us to schedule an opportunity to visit an operating unit on-site.

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AeroKool Dryers

AeroKool Dryer

One of the major problems associated with portable compressed air is condensate. In the warm summer months, condensate in air lines and hoses wreaks havoc on air tools and downstream equipment. This causes premature tool failure and equipment malfunction.

During the colder weather, the condensate freezes, causing blockages which cannot be cleared without thawing out the lines.

Typical air treatments (gasses) to prevent freeze-up cannot unplug a frozen air line, and only contribute to the amount of harmful condensate which has accumulated and caused the initial problem. AeroKool Dryers resolve this issue by removing the condensate at it’s source.

AeroKool Dryer OutsideEquipped with an air-blast pre-cooler/separator assembly, and desiccant cartridge type air dryer, the AeroKool Dryer removes condensate to a dew point as low as -40 degrees.

The AeroKool Dryer does not require power to operate and can therefore be operated remotely or mounted onto the tongue of your portable diesel air compressor. The air blast pre-cooler is powered by a fully adjustable speed air motor to ensure optimum operating temperatures to extend the life of the desiccant cartridge element.

AeroKool Dryers are available in 200 and 400 cfm configurations.

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Condensate Bucket Manifolds

Tired of witnessing oil laden condensate discharge on your compressor room floor?

Now you can safely contain condensate discharge in to a standard sized pail using Comtract's new Condensate Bucket Manifold.

  • Keeps compressor room clean and safe
  • Collects condensate lines to one common location
  • Self ventilating
  • Overflow indicator
  • Eliminates condensate splash
  • Simple installation

Quick Facts

AirCell tandem units can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. To find out more about our Tandem units click here.

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