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Comtract Air Compressors has been serving the Toronto and Southern Ontario industrial sector since 1986. Our services include sales of new and used rortary vane, rotary screw, and reciprocating air compressors. We also house a large inventory or dryers, filters, receiver tanks and other accessories. We offer 24 hour service and have a full range of rental compressors available!

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AirCell AirCell AirCell

The AirCell is a self-contained, portable, weatherproof, compressed air system custom built to meet the needs of your company. As Toronto air compressors, AirCells are designed to work flawlessly in the harshest of conditions, and are manufactured in Canada.

AirCells are Comtract's latest innovation. Click here to find out more!

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AirCell tandem units can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. To find out more about our Tandem units click here.

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